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Gucci Gator, 2018

Screen Print Limited Edition of 50

300 gsm watercolor paper

18 x 30 in


The original drawing of this print was created in response to the inhumane mass slaughtering of alligators and crocodiles for their skin to be manufactured into "luxury" consumer products. This drawing corrolates directly to brands like Gucci and Hermès outsourcing privately in partnership with alligator "killing" farms for the simple reason to increase profit margins. 


Professionally framed in a matt white contemporary style finish. Hand signed and numbered by the artist. Embossed with old english letter "P" and small print below "Pedersen" using his family's cast iron hierloom letter press from 1880. Originally owned by Devon Pedersen's great great great grandfather for him to stamp his sketches at "Tiffany & Co" where he worked as a product designer.

Gucci Gator Limited edition of 50

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