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This photo was taken Day 3 after I finished a six hour long sketch session. At this stage of my work I start to get more excited about the piece itself and a feeling of early success. Aesthetically you can see the many values and layers of ink all being tedeously manipulated to appear blended and shaded in. The contrast between the solid blacks and whites help bring out the chrome like appearance and reflection on the king piece. Gradually I build the layers of ink that is necessary to create the values which is probably the most important factor when creating my work and the necessary depth you need to produce the realistic ink drawings. The 'Chrome King' chess piece took 10 days of repetive work anywhere from six to eight hours of continueous drawing each day. Any King would be proud to have this piece as long as they dont get "checkmate" in the process.

#ink #drawing #art #sketch #king #chess #pen #blackandwhite #fineart #contemporary #chrome

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