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Darth Vuitton!

This photo was taken mid way through my six hour session reaching almost 100 hours total of repetitive drawing of the iconic "Darth Vader" character in the world wide known Star Wars movie. As a kid I was fascinated with most of the "Darth" side but of course in love with the major characters too. I decided to do a twist on this piece using a couple iconic figures and symbolic images like Louis Vuitton's most recognized monogram and imprint it on Vader's helmet. The relationship between the two are clearly both powerful influences on people who have emotional triggers toward them. Being good or bad, they are no doubtingly, in my opinion ideologic, capitalistic, and historic influences in fashion, art, film, and even in business. I liked the comparison with Louis Vuitton being the largest most valuable fashion brand in the world compared to Star Wars being the highest grossing in box office and greatest film series franchise of all time.

#art #starwars #darthvader #louisvuitton #ink #drawing #sketch #contemporaryart #blackandwhite #penonpaper

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