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Gucci Gator!

This photo was taken nearly before I finished and completed the drawing of a scaled in size and anatomically accurate alligator skull. Aesthetically I thought it would look great if I did a skull with tremendous detail but I wanted to do an animal that coincides with luxury brands. At first a cow head would make sense but too many brands use leather for so many different reasons. Alligator skin on the other hand is for more exclusive high end designer brands like Gucci. There are actually alligator farms that slaughter these animals inhumanly entirely for their primitive skin. The skin is then traded and sold on the black market and all over the world to create luxury goods like belts, wallets, boots, dress shoes, purses, hats and more. In my opinion this is a cruel and unnecessary act of violence to these prehistoric creatures.

#ink #contemporary #art #fineart #blackandwhite #sketch #drawing #pen #skull #alligator

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